Icebreaker Regatta 2019

When: November 8-10, 2019

Where: Indented Head

Who: All registered members of Scouts Victoria

Cost: $20 (not inc. camp fees)

Cub Try Canoeing session - $5

As per our Facebook Post, the forecast for Saturday has drastically changed since yesterday with winds forecast at over 30kn.

Friday night registration and the Saturday event program is now CANCELLED.

A condensed program with heats and finals will be run on Sunday commencing at 8:30am with registrations between 7:30am and 8:30am

The day will still finish at approx 4pm.

Once again apologies for the change in plans but the weather does not fit our risk assessment.

Any questions please respond to the FB post or email


Scouts Vic Paddle Team

8/11/2011 14:00hrs

This is a statewide event and is open to all registered members of Scouts Victoria.

Over the weekend you can participate in a number of events including the canoe and kayak sprints, marathon, & ironman as an individual or as a team. Events are based on different age groups. You can also just chill out on the beach and join in a casual paddle or other activities.

Regatta Events are open to Scouts and older.

For Cubs and Joeys there is a "Come and Try" canoeing morning on the Saturday from 10 - 12.

Icebreaker Regatta is a great opportunity for a group camp.

While there is a race component to the weekend the focus is on participation rather than competing, with points awarded based on participation rather than primarily event results

Want a taste of what happens and what the location is like? Go here

How do I book?

  1. To register for a Group, download the Registration Spreadsheet from here.
  2. Open the Downloaded Spreadsheet (2019_Regatta_Registration_final. xls)
  3. Enter the details for each person attending regatta. This will be used to create the Caremonkey Form for the whole event.
  4. Select the Event(s) for each person people will be participating in from the drop down lists. Please also select any volunteer roles people may wish to help with.
  5. Save the changes as a new file named <GroupName> 2019_regatta_registration.xlsx
  6. Complete the Group Registration Details on the form here, checking registrations match the total in the spreadsheet
  7. Upload the saved registration file (above) using this registration form.
  8. Make the payment (see terms and conditions for refunds/additions)
  9. Submit the form.


Please note that while this is mostly accurate, it is still under review

Leader briefing - Regatta 2019


Please note this program will vary due to weather conditions and time constraints on the day.

Please refresh regularly

Icebreaker Regatta event program 2019