The 2023 Regatta kicks off Sat 11th November 2023. Registrations are now closed, and race enrties will be gathered Friday Night and Saturday monring

Icebreaker Regatta

When: November 10-12, 2023

Where: Indented Head

Who: All registered members of Scouts Victoria

Cost: $25 (plus your groups camp fees)


stay tuned for updates prior to the event.

This includes alterations for program due to weather

This is a statewide event and is open to all registered members of Scouts Victoria.

Over the weekend you can participate in a number of events including the canoe and kayak sprints, marathon, & ironman as an individual or as a team. Events are based on different age groups. You can also just chill out on the beach and join in a casual paddle or other activities.

Regatta Events are open to Scouts and older..

Icebreaker Regatta is a great opportunity for a group camp. 

While there is a race component to the weekend the focus is on participation and fun rather than competing, with points awarded based on participation plus results, rather than primarily event results

Want a taste of what happens and what the location is like?  Go here

How do I book?


Leader briefing - Regatta


Please note this program will vary due to weather conditions and time constraints on the day.  

Please refresh regularly

Icebreaker Regatta event program 2019