Information for Groups

Paddling Team

The Paddling Team assists and advises Scouts Victoria members on paddling activities.

What paddling can you do without any qualification?

As a leader you can run a paddling activity, as long as it could resonably be considered a swimming activity.

For more information on this refer to The State Paddling Procedures

Im a group leader what paddling activities can I approve?

As individgual groupleaders can have different levels of expertise we cant expect every GL to have the knowledge required to approve a paddling activity. Therefore, Paddling Team approval should be sort for any activity that could not resonably be considered a swimming activity. Remember we are here to help, if you are unsure just contact us.

How do I seek approval for a Paddling Activity?

Simple, fill in the Activity/Jouney planning (below) and submit it via the link (also below)

What events does the paddle team run?

Head to our events page for more information

What course does the paddle team run?

Head to our course page for more information

My question hasn't been answered here, where can I find more information?

You could head to our FAQ Page or Contact Us

Journey Plan

Without stating the obvious you need a plan for your trip to help is run smoothly and safely

The journey plan template will help assist you to develop the Float Plan and Risk Assessment for your next trip.

The journey plan template is set up to cater for all environments (flatwater, whitewater, sea kayak) and allows for overnight trips and menu planning.

Anything that is not applicable just note as "N/A" to indicate you understand and that you've deemed it not relevant to your trip. ie if you're not catering you don't need a menu plan, if you're not camping you don't need overnight gear other than emergency shelters, etc

We've here to help, so if you need assistance please contact the Paddle Team

Once complete, submit all Journey Plans

This should be done through our form on this link