What can I do?

This document covers what supervisory qualifications and approvals are required to run Adventurous Activites.

Pages 17 & 18 cover Paddling

Leader course progression

Want to develop your paddling skills and get qualified to take youth on the water?

Course Progression.pdf

OAS4 Activity resource

What can OAS4 particpants encounter on a typical OAS4 activity?

OAS4 participants are ideally Scouts and Venturers looking to develop good paddling skill inside the OAS4 framework

Flatwater Trained Participant

What can you expect on a typical Flatwater Trained Participants course.

Flatwater Trained Participants are normally Leaders who wish to manage OAS4 youth members or Venturers\Rovers looking for VET competency units

Trained Participant Presentation Deck_Weekend 1_Ver 1.0.pptx